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How to Setup your furniture for Better Space for Christmas & Parties?

Christmas is around the corner and it’s that time of the year when you look forward to meeting your friends and extended family members. Arranging a party for them necessitates enough seating space, which in turn, diverts our focus towards having enough furniture in the living room of the house. Narrow or limited space obviates the need for including only essential furniture including sofas and chairs ensuring enough seating space for your guests.

Moving out all the furniture and moving in new during the Christmas season or any other festive occasion is simply not an option worth considering. Whether you have purchased your furniture from online sites announcing sofa sale in the UK or at some nearby sofa store, family gatherings or parties at your place means that there should be a seat for everyone.

Following are important sofa placement tips that one must keep in mind while deciding about how and where to fit in their sofas in their living space.

  • Plan your space in advance

It is important to understand the kind and extent of space you have in your living room. It is common to decorate your space with an ornated Christmas tree. However, that might involve shuffling of furniture within the living space or moving it altogether to another room. Not all may enjoy the luxury of having huge living spaces; the reality of the size of living rooms in some houses may be starkly different and much smaller than what most contemplate. Most sofas in the UK are designed and fashioned to induce comfort and optimisation of available space sans the fear of cluttering it. While placing your sofas among your other furnishings, ensure that there is enough space left for your guests to enjoy while attending your parties.

Plan your space in advance

  • Choose the placement of your Christmas tree

Everyone wants to place a grand looking Christmas tree in their living space. However, the size and placement of your tree have a lot to do with the kind of space available to you. Since you and your family spend most of the time in the living room, you must visit sofa shops to buy a piece that suits your requirements. Then, sit back and decide where you must place the Christmas tree so that it neither blocks the view to the outside or hinders your way through the room. It is important that you never place your tree in the vicinity of fireplaces or walkways characterised by regular and constant traffic. Place the tree and plan the furniture in your living space accordingly.

Choose the placement of your Christmas tree

  • Size of Furniture

The size of your furniture matters. You may love the look of large corner recliner sofas, leather or fabric, that promise so much of space and comfort while adding elegance to your living space. However, not all furniture sizes may fit in the limited space of your living room. To buy sofas designed to fit in small spaces, you may browse the internet and type “sofa shops near me”. Your choice of search engine will give you access to unlimited sofa stores in your vicinity along with their details like addresses and the kinds of other furniture products they sell. You may then choose from the numerous styles not only designed according to the latest fashion trends, but also in sync with your choice and utility.

Size of furniture

  • Shifting furniture to adjoining rooms

If you live in a home that has only limited space available, you may either consider placing your excess furniture to another room to accommodate your guests or resort to innovative sofa placement tips to place your Christmas tree alongside your sofas. Place only the essential furniture pieces in your living space while you can move the rest to another room. You can always celebrate with a small Christmas tree instead of bringing in the large pine cones that occupy too much space. Lack of space has resulted in many homes placing potted Christmas tree. Tabletop trees are also in vogue considering the growing unavailability of adequate space in cities and ease of handling. Try to plan your furniture around the Christmas tree to indulge guests in conversation and festival revelry.

Shifting furniture to adjoining rooms