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How to set up your Bedroom for Healthier Night’s Sleep?

A good night’s sleep is essential. Though there are many factors affecting the quality of sleep including one’s sleeping habits, the design of your bedroom also plays an important role. In a bid to improve sleep quality, some people tend to get their bedrooms modified and restructured only by installing comfortable bedroom furniture sets. It is later that they realise that all their efforts had gone waste owing to ignorance of certain basic conditions. Modern bedroom furniture for sale in UK showrooms boast of quality that aids in proper sleep quality at night.

5 Essential changes to maximise sleep quality

Keeping in mind the top five essential guides will ensure healthy sleep at night. While these factors may seem trivial for those unaware when followed these have a lasting effect on one’s sleep quality. Following are details about how they must be adhered to and followed in order of importance:

    • Addressing light-related issues

      You cannot sleep in bright light, which means that it is advisable to switch off lights and bulbs before going to sleep. Also, different coloured lights have different frequencies and wavelengths; blue light being the biggest impediment to sleep. Keeping table lamps, televisions, phones, tablets and laptops switched on adversely affects sleep quality and, hence, must be done with before going to sleep. However, you may also resort to using dark shades eye masks or gentle overhead nightlights to create an effect of darkness, which further helps in getting quality sleep.

      Addressing light-related issues

    • Leveraging the effect of silence

      Sleeping in a noisy environment can be arduous. If not completely done away with, one must always try to mask the sound in the bedroom. Those who find it difficult to sleep at night can opt to hear light music like the sound of waves crashing the shore or some instrument being played. To completely eliminate sound, one can opt for earplugs to block out noise from one’s surroundings. Meditation and relaxation techniques help one to lull off to sleep. One can also install heavy bedroom furniture sets to get rid of that creaky sound.

      Leveraging the effect of silence

    • Comfortable clothes

      Touch is an important sensory factor that cannot be and must not be ignored when it comes to determining sleep quality. Our articles of clothing have a significant impact on our sleep as the fabric woven into our clothes may not always be comfortable. Our sleep rhythms have a lot to do with our body temperature, which in turn, is affected by the texture of our clothing. Rising temperatures cause one to sweat, thus, disrupting quality sleep. Experts recommend clothing made of natural fibres including cotton, wool, silk and linen. Ensure that your bedsheets are soft and cosy. The fibres used in your textiles must be able to lend a soporific effect. Lower temperatures lend a comfortable feeling, thus, promoting better sleep.

      Comfortable clothes

    • Clean bedding

      Change your bedsheets at least once a week. Dust particles, animal fur and other pollutants may cause difficulty in breathing, thus, disrupting any probable chances of sleep. Wash your bedsheets at least once a week. Though it may sound a bit burdensome for those who are busy and find themselves stuck in an eight-hour job or find themselves stuck in city traffic for most hours of the day, the cooling effect of washed bedsheets helps one to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Try using heavy mattresses that allow people to feel settled. One may consider buying mattresses online from sites that offer bedroom furniture on sale.

      Clean bedding

    • Believe in the power of aromatherapy

      Feeling tensed or distressed after a long day’s work of continuous meetings, deadlines and professional burdens. Try aromatherapy to relieve your senses. Most people question the effect of smell as an important element that affects sleep quality. While some scents may prompt people to remain alert throughout the night, light perfumes have a sedative effect. Consider using essential oils to induce sleep. Avoid burning scented candles or incense sticks in a closed room as they may cause a suffocating sleep, thus, affecting sleep quality. Sleep quality has a lot to do with air quality too. Keep windows closed to keep off the pollution in the external environment. Install air purifiers to breathe in fresh air to stimulate peaceful sleep for the entire night.

      Believe in the power of aromatherapy

Whether you buy traditional or modern bedroom furniture, following the above aspects can go a long way in improving your sleep quality.

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